Year of Travel: 2016

It has been announced around the internet that 2016 was a bad year. It was bad in terms of celebrity and high profile deaths, the fact that everybody managed to vote the UK out of the European Union (Brexit), Donald Trump is now US President, and the several terror attacks across the world. Sadden by these events, …

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Amsterdamn it: A City of Clichés

That little city that sits an ocean apart from the United Kingdom; well it is notorious - depending which way you look at it - for sex, drugs and...cheese? Amsterdam definitely is a city of clichés. Sex Welcome to the Red Light District where half naked models sit under red lights in full length windows, …

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Amsterdamn it: Ticking off a new city!

Recently I went on a holiday to the Dutch Capital with my boyfriend of seven months. Was it too early to be going away together? Maybe. However that did not stop us from booking a holiday with Thomas Cook just over three months in to our relationship. Us modern day couples move fast. I'm just going to …

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