Year of Travel: 2016

It has been announced around the internet that 2016 was a bad year. It was bad in terms of celebrity and high profile deaths, the fact that everybody managed to vote the UK out of the European Union (Brexit), Donald Trump is now US President, and the several terror attacks across the world. Sadden by these events, yes, however for me, 2016, wasn’t all bad.

Each year it is my overall goal to develop and grow more. I grow by exploring the world and taking in new cultures and surroundings. In 2015, it was a great year for personal development by travelling. I got to visit some incredible places:

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Last year (2015) there was 3 Currencies used, 10 New Places, 3 New Countries and 9 Flights.

This year I stepped it up a notch. We had 4 Currencies (2 New) used (including my own GBP): Swedish Krona, Danish Krone and Euro.

  • 9 Destinations: 7 New Places, 3 New Countries.
  • 16 Flights: Belfast – Amsterdam Schiphol (New Airport) and back, Dublin – Copenhagen Kastrup (New Airport), Malmø Sturup – Stockholm Arlanda (New Airports), Stockholm – Copenhagen, Copenhagen – Dublin, Belfast – London Gatwick and back (X3) and Belfast – Gatwick – Milan Malpensa (New Airport), Milan – Gatwick – Belfast.
  • 2 New Airlines: SAS and Norwegian Airlines.

travel statistics (2).png

In 2016 there was new airports and airlines. Destinations went down however I explored more places outside of the UK than the 2015’s statistic of 3. I also lived for 10 days in Crawley on Placement which developed my independence more so.

Here’s to 2017 and the many travels that may follow.






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