Losing Weight. Gaining Motivation.

I am sitting with a little red lunchbox on one side of me and a bowl of the remains of Heinz Tomato Soup on the other side that I ate earlier. It’s evident in my bedroom that I am far from tidy. However, that little red box contained my meal prep lunch so I am somewhat organised.

When it comes to life. Preparation is key. Want to get a job? Interview and presentation prep. Want to go to university. Prepare for coursework and exams. It’s the same principle when wanting to lose weight, build muscle or staying lean.

Let’s talk about meal prep. I want to lose weight. I recently listened to this podcast by Rob Barber (Coach Me Lean) who talked about setting goals for yourself and a timeframe to achieve said goals. My goal is to lose one stone within 9 weeks, which is completely achievable with a healthy lifestyle.

I was always the type of person who wouldn’t meal prep. In fact the only thing I would meal prep is my stock of crisps!

At the minute I am midway through my second week of only having one cheat meal per week. Apart from having a few croissants (not the best thing to be eating), week one was a success. I stood on the scales at just under 80kg (Since September I’ve been fluctuating between 80/82kg). On top of taking part in ‘Plankuary’ (gradually holding a Plank position every day in January) this week I am reintroducing small amounts of exercise.

“Catching up on Plankuary” – Found Astray on IG

There is a few things I struggle with when it comes to losing weight.

One of them happened twice this week (and it’s only Tuesday!)

  • Free/Reduced ‘bad foods’: If I am given the opportunity to get free food or a reduction in food, especially tempting unhealthy foods I usually would say yes and end up with a trolley full of bakery goods for a few quid.

On Sunday a work colleague brought in M&S Chocolate Chip Shortbread and offered me to have one. I declined with as much self control I had. Then today after getting a Soya Latte to go, the Waitress put this monstrosity on my cup:


A chocolate flake. I was going to say ‘no thanks’, but the thought of declining a piece of chocolate didn’t make sense in my head. Eventually I walked outside, took this picture and had to put chocolate in the bin. I knew that if I had eaten that chocolate I would have opened a can of worms and went home to eat more chocolate. Self control is also a crucial part to losing weight.

The second thing that I struggle with is going to the cinema. For me watching a movie requires snacks. My snacks usually included a ‘share bag’ of crisps, a pouch of sweets and a drink but not today I was doing well. We stopped off at the shop on way to watch Why Him, whilst I bought Nuts, a Banana, Pure Orange Juice and Rice Cakes. It surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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