When you’ve seen Malmö, go home, you’ve seen the world!

Date of Visit: 23rd July 2016.

There’s not many places in the world I can say that I felt at home in. Or so I thought. The more I think about that statement the more I realise that with every bit of travelling I do, the more I feel at home with different places.

The last time I felt at home, whilst abroad was in April 2015 when I stayed in an Air BnB in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I’ve since visited numerous places in Europe and haven’t had the same ‘at home’ feeling. Fast forward to July 2016, when I explored the small city of Malmö with my mum for 24 Hrs.

It’s not a lot of time to get to know a place is it?

Let me begin by saying this is not a post about ‘how to see Malmö inside 24 Hours’, I don’t believe you can really see anywhere inside 24 Hours, but if a day is all you’ve got…

The evening prior, we travelled a beautiful journey from Copenhagen, checked in at the very accommodating Best Western at Malmö Arena and began our adventure the next morning.

It all began from our Hotel, we walked about 30 Minutes through a gorgeous park to Malmö Swedbank Football stadium. I was on a mission to get the boy a souvenir, a shirt to be exact. Palms sweaty and feet aching we finally made it to a hyped up Stadium on Match Day. The stadium is relatively big and simple to get to, it has a Gift / Merchandise store, a restaurant/bar and toilets.

We stayed for an overpriced cider and left to continue our mission to see Malmö.

Note: If you do want to see the Swedbank Stadium, home of Malmö Football Club (Malmö FF) it is located opposite/behind the old Stadium; Malmö Stadium.

Back to Hyllie St and we took a short train journey Malmö Central station. With nothing planned, except the thought of a River Tour and food (on my part – I was bloody starving!) we just walked. We walked into the city centre and explored the quirky shops and an quaint pop up Art Exhibition.

The city’s old architecture blended with the modern shops, it was idyllic.

Alike Copenhagen, Malmö had some beautiful Interior Design and Homeware stores to be your home inspiration. We found a place similar to the brand Tiger, but only called Flying Tiger. This shop was beautiful, not ideal if you only have hand luggage.

It had those things in it you really want to need them but you don’t, like copper paper clips or hanging plants.

After putting an end to the shopping because of an unfortunate event in a very posh Scandic interior design shop where I got excited at the free coffee and made quite the mess…


We made our way back towards Central station and boarded the Rundan Sightseeing boat tour of Malmö. For less than an hour, priced at 140 SEK (£12 GBP) we got to see and learn so much of the city we would not have otherwise seen or known. The tour guide spoke in both English and Swedish and was very amusing and knowledgable.

This is where the quote “if you’ve seen Malmö, go home, you’ve seen the world” comes from. Our tour guide, explained how Malmö was such a multicultural place with cross disciplinary networking. I think thats why I loved it, it was small enough to not be crowded, yet it encouraged collaboration from all over the world.

This tour is absolutely perfect for when you are time restricted. We got to see the Turning Torso tower from a distance, a pretty lighthouse, gorgeous parks and learn where the coolest spots and Student hang outs are in town!

Did you know Malmö is quite a big international hub for gaming? It’s where Candy Crush Saga was invented!

My time in Malmo was brief, but it was beautiful.  I’ll let the photos speak for the city!

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