Best Western, Malmö Arena Review

Date of stay: Friday 22nd July 2016

During a trip to Copenhagen. I ventured across waters to visit parts of Sweden, the first stop was Malmö, a small city located just a bridge away from Denmark. I only really spent 24 Hours in this city unfortunately; but fortunately my night was spent sleeping and chilling at Best Western Arena Hotel.

I don’t generally like staying in chain hotels whilst away because it doesn’t feel authentic. Staying in Air BnB’s and independent accommodation makes it more real. Yet, I opted to stay in Best Western because of the price – it was only £66 (GBP) / 718 SEK to stay the night for two people.

Location and Travel 

This hotel is located about a five minute walk from a main metro station (Hyllie St) which is about ten minutes away from the city centre of Malmö itself. Trains run very frequently and a fairly cheap for single tickets. A single ticket from Hyllie – Malmö Central/C was 22 SEK (roughly £2.50 GBP). Note the buses are cashless in Malmö, you would need to purchase and top up a JoJo Card.

Pricing of 24 hr / 72hr tickets in Malmö
Pricing of 24 hr / 72hr tickets in Malmö

Facilities and Food

Included in the price we got Breakfast the next morning, use of the gym, steam room and we could have used the rooftop, outdoor hot tub but unfortunately we didn’t get up early enough to use it the following morning. There is free WiFi in public spaces and limited free WiFi in the rooms.

Double/Twin Bedroom: Image courtesy of / Best Western Malmö Arena
Double/Twin Bedroom: Image courtesy of / Best Western Malmö Arena

Bikes are available to Rent from the Hotel to explore the city, although book these in advance with a member of staff at the front desk. Unfortunately the staff did not advise us to prebook, therefore we never got the chance to cycle into the city.

There was plenty of cycle paths nearby, so I recommend booking a bike.

I used the gym, which was small and didn’t have a lot of equipment but it had everything you need for a good workout: Treadmill, Crosstrainer, Leg Press, Chest Press, workout mats, a bench and dumbbells.


Gym - Image courtesy of Western Malmö Arena
Gym – Image courtesy of Western Malmö Arena


After booking in and seeing our double room on Level 12 which had a nice view of our surroundings (a motorway, construction sight, but distant views of  Malmö and the Oresund Bridge) we headed for dinner at the restaurant.

 TIP: If you like a room with a view/on a high level ask for this in the Information/Special Request section on or the Hotel’s Website at booking and you may get a room with a view.

Alike the transportation in the city, this hotel is ‘cashless’. Be prepared to use your card when paying for your room (if not prepaid), dinner and/or additional services you may need. They offer a few Vegetarian options – when requested the chef made me a Bean Chilli with Potatoes – as well as serving traditional Swedish foods (Pickled Herring and meatballs being one) and standard ‘British’ meals like chips and chicken.


After dinner and a gym session, we headed up to level 16 to the bar, where we met two Irish bartenders, who were so friendly.

Everywhere you go, there will always be an Irish person.



The food and drinks here aren’t overly expensive, in comparison to the prices we paid in Copenhagen, for two meals and two drinks it cost around £30 GBP (325 SEK).

By sunrise, we woke for breakfast (hot and cold options are available). Mum ate a full fry up with eggs, sausages and different breads, I ate some different breads and fruit as their wasn’t a lot on offer for Vegetarians or Vegans. Partially my fault as it look me a while to figure out which milk was Soya and I am a fussy eater when abroad.

Below I’ve scored this hotel on different aspects – the highest rating being 5*. Location is based on accessibility into the city centre  and facilities are based on which ones we used on our visit and others available within the price of the room.

I think the front reception staff could have been more friendly on arrival and helpful in regards renting bikes. However other staff members in the restaurant/bar made us feel welcome and offered excellent hospitality – must be because they were Irish. In terms of food, I feel there should have been more on offer for special diets, although again, could be partially my fault as I didn’t put in a request for a vegetarian breakfast.



2 thoughts on “Best Western, Malmö Arena Review

  1. I agree – the restaurant staff deserve special mention, friendly and accommodating (whipping up a veggie meal at the drop of a hat) and the bar is spacious, a fantastic place to relax with lovely views over to the bridge and into Denmark. Again the staff here are great assets to the hotel.
    Location wise: Bear in mind that you are in the suburbs of Malmo therefore budget a little bit more time and money for transport in and out of the city centre.

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