Freetown Christiania: A League of It’s Own.

Date of visit: 21st July 2016. Christiania has since developed read here.

So, you’ve been to Soho in London, you’ve seen the sights, sounds and scents of The Red Light District in Amsterdam, but have you been to Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen?

Welcome to a very special part of Copenhagen in the borough of Christianhavn where anything goes. Christiania is self-proclaimed, in that it was founded by squatters and artists back in the 1970’s – which makes sense as it is Hippie central – and is said to have its own law, beyond the Danish law.

Throughout my walk through Freetown Christiania, parts of it had hand-made signs with strictly no photography is allowed. This is due to parts of the neighbourhood has stalls of illegal substances. Weed is a beginner’s game in comparison to the over 30 types of Hashish Christiania Cannabis shops sell.

Outside many of the creative cafes you can sit and smoke weed, freely.

Freetown is a completely car-free area, full of artistic wall murals, loud music, buildings made from recycled materials and best of all a beautiful walk around the canal at the end of Christiania. I walked back into the city via the canals and stubbled upon an outdoor music festival.

Despite being slightly exposed to this kind of environment before – in the likes of Soho and Amsterdam – I did feel slightly uneasy in parts of it, simply because it felt like another new culture than that of central Copenhagen. And it was, it’s a league of it’s own, Freetown has it’s own currency (Løn) and it’s own flag.

I felt like a tourist who had taken a wrong turn.

I still managed to find a liking for Freetown, as it is a green, eco-friendly state, where you can find highly rated vegetarian friendly and organic cafes like Morgenstedet, an entirely Vegetarian based restaurant hidden in the middle of Christiania.

Visit Copenhagen’s Guide to Freetown Christiania.





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