Nostalgic: Tivoli Gardens

Located in the very centre of Copenhagen lyes the magical Tivoli Gardens. This big, beautiful and glorious landscape is full of fun and has entertainment for the whole family.

After amazing burgers, fries and shakes at Grillen Burgerbar, we ventured across from Norrebrø on the Metro to Copenhagen Central, crossed a busy street and made our way to Tivoli Gardens.

Grillen, Norrebrø. Amazing food (Vegetarian option and healthier choices – such as no bun – available) and very good value for money!

It was late. Around 9pm. The attendants advised us that Tivoli was closing in less than an hour and said it may be more beneficial to come back tomorrow, however, the next day was the day we were moving on, to a new country.

The thing I adore about travelling is, you can stay as little or as long as you please. Moving is the norm about travelling. It’s somewhat bittersweet.

A pit stop at the station’s 7 Eleven for some albeit unhealthy munchies and we vowed to return in the morning. Morning came and so did the slight stress of packing and organising to move out of our Air Bnb Rent. However we made it, luggage in hand and back at Tivoli for Midday.

We paid 110DKK entry plus unlimited, all inclusive of the rides an extra 500DKK which worked out to be about £70 GBP for the few hours we had there. It was pricey however, we had so much fun, it was our last day and aside from food and travel we hadn’t paid a lot of money into attractions.

We also paid an additional price to keep our luggage in one of the lockers, which are very spacious! We managed to fit two Hand Luggage size suitcases in them.

I advise you take a picture of your locker and locker area and ensure that is securely locked. Note: There are multiple places to store your belongings!

We’d heard great things about Tivoli Gardens. How magical it is in the evenings, how great the theatre was. How popular it was for tourists and so forth. I could tell you the exact same thing, but really you’d have to see it to believe the wonders of this place. Full of amusement rides, stalls, animals, restaurants and a huge centre stage for events, it was nostalgic.

From a young child, almost every year we’d get taken to Haven Holiday Parks across England and France for Summer and I loved them. I’ve always said if I had children, I want them to experience a Haven Holiday Park, be involved in Tiger Club and sit with them like my mother did me and my siblings and plan an itinerary with all the events.

Tivoli was much like that. The amusements, the entertainment, the lights and the family atmosphere was a memory worth saving. Mum doesn’t like big rides like I do, but much to my surprise, we tackled the biggest rollercoaster there; The Demon, among other baby rides like a water log and smaller coasters. We had so much fun!

There is a lot to do here. Tivoli hosts theatre performances, has it’s own hotel and offers events for children like Fish Feeding. They also host specific events during Halloween and Christmas.

It was the best day we had in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens is so beautiful, I wish I had taken a lot more photographs! It is entertainment that does not come cheaply, but entry is included on the Copenhagen Card which makes it a lot more cheaper.

With a peacock that wandered freely around Tivoli!
The sunny walkway to the exit of Tivoli – it’s a very green space!
Mum and I about to go on the big scary roller coaster!

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