Copenhagen: Nyhavn to The Little Mermaid

In July, my mum and I visited the capital of Denmark, the city of Copenhagen. It’s a place that has been on my list for some time now and I’m extremely glad – despite being a full time student – that I have the opportunity to travel and cross places off of my list.

I don’t know if I will ever visit everywhere I want to go but I am going to try my damn best. One by one, city by city, town by town…different foods by different foods.

I discovered on the plane journey over that Copenhagen is actually where Hans Christian Andersen lived. Andersen is the writer of The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling, among other literature. The city has numerous things inspired by him and his work within it:

  • The famous Hans Christian Andersen statue, located in the stunning King’s Garden.
  • The small but worth seeing The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue) statue, located by the waterfront of the Langelinie Promenade.
  • Hans Christian Andersen fairytale house and Museum near Tivoli Gardens.
  • A second Andersen statue outside Tivoli Gardens.
  • H.C Andersen Blvd. The road that runs between Tivoli Gardens and the National Museum of Denmark.
  • Andersen Bakery – a chain bakery located in a few places around the world. The one in Copenhagen is near Tivoli Gardens, Central Copenhagen.
  • And of course the man sat beside me on my inbound plane, a Children’s entertainer / H.C Andersen impersonator. (Sadly I cannot track him down.)

Our time away in Copenhagen felt brief, like we only just said hello, but here is the breakdown of our trip:

(July 21st 2016) Day 1 – 23 Degrees+, sunshine, outfit checklist:

Leggings, Long T-Shirt, Flats, Backpack, Camera, Sunglasses!

Like Royalty: The King’s Garden (Rosenborg Garden) 

In it’s very own section of circular hedges, at the back of the garden is the home of the most famous H.C Andersen statue. Surrounded by pretty flowers, rose gardens and at the forefront of The King’s Garden is the Rosenborg Castle (really a big beautiful palace.)

I am not really into big gardens and historic buildings but The King’s Garden and Rosenborg Castle was actually one of my favourite parts of the city. It wasn’t overcrowded, it was actually peaceful and so beautiful, there was a little cafe where we ate Danish Ice lollies and – for the people who can’t hold their water in – there’s toilets too!

Rosenborg Castle was built-in the early 17th Century by one of the most famous Scandinavian Kings, Christian IV. It’s the place you go to, to see Denmark’s crown jewels.

Lunch in Nyhavn 

Streets lined with bright coloured buildings, along the canal with views of boats and authentic eateries, Nyhavn is a place to instantly fall in love with. This place is not short for places to eat in, we sat at one of the many Bistros by the water, listening to street artists play instruments. I had a salad – it was lovely, although wasn’t awfully filling.

It was overpriced for what we got, but we already come to the realisation that Copenhagen wasn’t cheap. I had much difficulty with the currency and trying to think ‘what is that in our money?’ to see if it was really expensive for a few lettuce leafs and a tomato. But the price didn’t phase us much, we had lots of local currency left and the bright scenic view was worth the price of being here.

Nyhavn is known as the entertainment district of Copenhagen. It’s definitely worth an afternoon visit in the sun. If we had of had more time in this city, I’d rent a bike and spend it here!

You can rent a bike from Copenhagen Bikes from 110 Kr (roughly 10 GBP) for a standard bike, for six hours.

Photographs with The Little Mermaid 

Roughly a twenty-five minute walk from Nyhavn is where you will find The Little Mermaid statue. As I am sure, you have probably read before that it really is The Little Mermaid, however it’s one of those things, you can’t go to Copenhagen without seeing it. Surprisingly when we went to see her, there wasn’t too many tourists that we couldn’t properly see the statue, however, yes, there was a lot of people crowding the area and the souvenir stalls nearby.

A Danish Pastry

We I went on a day trip to Vienna back in 2014 with Abbi from Life in a Rucksack, all we wanted to do was to go to a Austrian bakery and eat a Viennese Whirl, without knowing if they even originated from Vienna.

They aren’t, they are British and just said to be inspired by Austrian pastries.

The same went for this trip. Mum and I wanted to eat a Danish pastry so we searched for the top rated one in the city, which was Lagkagehuset. Sadly it is a chain bakery of many across Scandinavia and did not feel authentic. However it was wonderful, we got a massive slab of Cinnamon roll to share. It wasn’t too expensive, the staff were friendly and they had free water!

One day I will go to Hamburg to eat Hamburgers, vegetarian of course!














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