Travelling To: Copenhagen, Denmark

An Early Rise

On the morning of July 20th my mum and I travelled South to Dublin Airport. Before venturing to Ireland’s Capital we stopped off at Northern Ireland’s Capital of Belfast so I could tiredly give my boyfriend a hug.

Our stop delayed us by about fifteen minutes but after beating the morning city traffic we were making a steady journey towards our flight. We parked at Dublin’s Holiday Blue Carpark – its quite the distance from the airport but there is a shuttle bus and it is a lot cheaper than the rest.

I scrapped my hair back and dragged my purple case towards Terminal Two. With boarding passes already on my iPhone’s Wallet, we had plenty of time for me to check if my hand luggage met the requirements of the “notorious” Ryanair. It fitted fine and the extra hand bag did too.

After a cup of Coffee, a spritz (or two) of Duty Free Perfume and stocking up on a Falafel Wrap, Crisps and Water we headed to our gate.

Stories From The Sky 

At the front of the plane, mum sat beside a young couple and a baby. At the back of the plane I sat beside a Clown / Children’s Entertainer / Hans Christian Andersen impersonator and his wife a Teacher / Artist. They had two children together, although he had a son from a previous relationship. They’ve travelled, a lot and far and were in Ireland for a week, staying in Air Bnb’s visiting Galway and up.

I don’t always get stories so in depth at 32,000 ft. On my last flight to London all I got out of the man was “that was a rough landing” as he sat in the brace position.

A Complicated Arrival

We landed rough on the tarmac at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport with some complications. At our gate in Dublin – due to lack of space onboard the plane – we had given our hand luggage to be put on hold. Ryanair offer this sometimes, and if they do its a great weight to not have to trek on and off the plane yourself. However it does mean you need to wait and pick it up again at baggage reclaim.

Without thinking I had put both our passports in the pocket of my case, therefore at Boarder Control we had no Passports, mum had no form of ID and we technically couldn’t get into the country. “Yeah, so when we boarded the plane, our bags were put on the hold and our passports are in them” I said to the boarding staff at another gate. “Ooh. Umm. You will need to go…go to the border staff, they should help you out.”

Lets just clarify that getting stuck or delayed at this airport was not ideal. We had to pick up our keys for our Air Bnb accommodation for 3.30pm, it was now 3pm.

After explaining the situation to the nice man at the border booth, he said “oh dear, that’s not good.” (their English is very good in this country.) “Do you have any form of ID on you?” As mum counted out her numerous loyalty cards asking “I’m sure you don’t want a Pret giftcard?” Immediately I thought, only a bloody Student ID with no date of birth or nowt but then I remembered I’ve a provisional driver’s license. I showed him that and he looked at us both and said “that’s okay, I trust you, go through.”

Fair enough.

We collected our bags and bought tickets for the Metro towards the neighbourhood of Frederiksberg. Tickets are 75 kr. approximately (£7.50) Single for two people. I found the metro station a little difficult to find from the terminal, at first we went down the train station and got asked for our passports (again) as the trains were going to a different country.

Copenhagen is situated in such an accessible place, from the airport it takes than twenty minutes to get to Malmö in Sweden by train. It is a major gateway to the rest of Scandinavia.

Eventually on our – very clean and modern – metro it took about half an hour to reach Frederiksberg St. where we took a fifteen minute walk to our Air Bnb Rental for the next two nights.

Alike my Amsterdam trip back in February I had walked the route multiple times on Google Streetview until I memorised it, once there, it felt so familiar.











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