Staying in an Air BnB in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

I’ve stayed in a few Air Bnb rentals before, however I have never made the booking myself before. In both Brighton and Porto my sister made the booking, therefore I hadn’t experience of the process.

Firstly for those not familiar with Air Bnb let me try to explain.

Air Bnb is a website that allows people all over the world to rent out their apartments, homes or bedrooms for a short or longer time. The owners, are your ‘hosts’ when you stay, they are the people in charge of providing you with keys to the property, (although they may arrange for someone else to give you them). When renting just a room with access to common room areas – such as the bathroom and kitchen – the host or other travelers may be on hand to offer you some travel tips and advice of the location you are staying in.

The mantra of Air Bnb is “Don’t just go there. Live there.” When we travel its important to see the places we go to, not just being tourists.

Here is Air Bnb’s Advert for more information and a referral for £25 off your first stay!

It took me to a while to find accommodation for Copenhagen (and the rest of our trip – but more on that later). Scandinavian countries are wildly known to be overpriced, the cost of living is high in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

However once I had decided on renting an Air Bnb it was a little bit cheaper for more space than a standard hotel would give you. I narrowed our search to look at individual neighborhoods; Frederiksberg was fairly central and close to a lot of places we wanted to visit. I opted for mum and I to stay in a cozy apartment with a communal backyard, located fifteen minutes from the metro stop.

We never met our host but I was in contact with her via Air Bnb messages to arrange to get the keys. On arrival into the city my host had told me to ring the Butler to inform me I was close to the location. I rang them whilst leaving the airport, notifying them of our delay, they were perfectly okay about it.

However when we got to the location and rang the bell there was no sign of anyone. I rang the Butler number again who informed me someone will be with us shortly, within five minutes a tall blonde woman answered the door. The woman showed us around the apartment, gave us the keys and put on a backpack and left. I figured that was another person who had been renting.

The place was beautiful. It was so spacious and our host had left us treats (Danish beers, M&Ms and Coffee pods for the Nespresso machine). It felt so authentic and very much like we were actually in a new country.

As opposed to staying in a chain hotel, where you could be five miles up the road from your house and not in a new country.

Here’s a breakdown of the place:

  • The bathroom was small but it had all the necessities, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and toilet roll. Although if you are like me and have high maintenance hair, bring your colour protect, super moisturized shampoo and conditioner with you.
  • The bedroom was massive, a little bit cluttered but I think that adds to the ‘live there’ experience, Air Bnb sets out for. The bed was so big and comfy, like incredibly comfy. There was an extra floor mattress and a sofa if more guests were to stay (some Air Bnb places charge extra for extra people). Beside the bed was plant pots hung up on ropes, I noticed this was a very Scandinavian thing to have.
  • The living space was massive. There was a large table with six chairs and desk space. There was also artwork on the walls of naked people – but I won’t recommend that if you are prudish or travelling as a family.
  • The Kitchen was very #LifestyleGoals, it had a built in gas hob with units circling the kitchen. In the kitchen there is access to the oven, kettle, gas hob, washing machine and Nespresso machine.
  • The Backyard was lovely in the warm weather. On the second day I ate breakfast outside. It felt very much like a community with other families outside too.


In total I paid £175 for two people for two nights here, which at the time (July 20th – 22nd) worked out cheaper than a hotel. I liked staying here and I’d easily stay again, the neighborhood felt safe and friendly, the place was very spacious and real.

100119 (1)

Copenhagen Zoo is a fifteen – twenty minute walk away, not that I agree with the principles of this zoo after they killed and dissected a Giraffe to prevent inbreeding but if you are into that it could be good for a family day out. Frederiksberg Palace is also a fifteen minute walk away, as is Copenhagen Have, also known as King’s Garden (very beautiful gardens at sunset, free to walk around!). From Copenhagen Have you can see parts of the zoo from afar. We managed to see some monkeys and flamingos for free during an evening walk towards the Palace.

IMG_2419 - CopyIMG_2407 - Copy

There is plenty of supermarkets nearby; Netto is one of the cheaper ones you will find around Copenhagen (prices are close to the chains Aldi or Lidl.)

Frederiksberg St (Metro) is approximately fifteen minutes walk, or if you are brave enough to work out the buses the number 8 bus runs from Copenhagen Central Station to near this Air BnB.

If you have a Sweet tooth, I highly recommend a visit to Bertel’s Salon for the best Pistachio Cheesecake and Chai Latte. This place is not too expensive and they have a range of cheesecakes on offer. Bertel’s Salon is very hipster, benches with cushions, wooden tables and coloured chairs.

One Cheesecake. Two Forks.









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