Somethings Got To Give

As I munch into my second – yes second – dinner of the evening I can’t help but think that this is my fault. This is why I don’t have the body I ‘ooh so badly desire’.  Two dinners, regardless if they were both healthy and I had not eaten lunch is not a recommendation.

As much as I blame University for being the source of my bad eating habits and lack of exercise – it is not. I was in a routine of meal prep, work and gym for the best part of a year. I was consistent and I was happy. And if I stopped for a second to be unhappy I was off to the gym. Then, somehow work became crazy and I just wasn’t feeling workouts after a 9 hour shift in retail. Hey, it happens?

Left – December 2013 | Right June 2014

As September rolled round, my mind was adjusting into lectures and essays, as well as my part time job. There wasn’t  – or didn’t seem to be – time for my gym sessions anymore. My neon Nikes became collected with dust and suddenly the pairing leggings no longer fitted. I was spiraling down back to where I had started off.

Nowadays, evenings are spent sitting in front of the T.V watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother with no doubt my second packet of McCoys.

Somethings got to give.

My older sister is back home after teaching Yoga in India. She has and always had a petite figure, but as I looked at her washing on the line, full of small Hollister shirts, yoga pants and shift dresses. I couldn’t not put myself to blame for the reason why I have a curvy size 12/14 figure and not an 8  like my sister. IMG_2254

Given she is petite and there is no amount of Sweet Potatoes and Sweaty gym sessions that I could do to get to her size, but there was a stage where I fitted into that Hollister shirt drying on the line, there was a stage where my dress fitted me and didn’t have to be given to her.

As I taste test a Green smoothie, I think it’s about time I take control of my life again.

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4 thoughts on “Somethings Got To Give

    1. It really is. I am struggling a lot these days. Thank you for the luck Kemkem! I’d never skip lunch, skipping food of any sort is against by beliefs haha 🙂

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