50/50 At Core Gym NI

This morning I awoke to the reminder that this time last year I was so content in my Fitness journey that I never wanted to give it up. On Instagram, I posted this photograph and the following caption:

I never intended on giving up. It just slowly happened. I was in Nottingham at the time, when I realised just how bad I was slipping up – just to clarify slipping up at this stage was two sessions at the gym, instead of four/five. I was also faced with the decision of going back into full time study, which went on to hindering my work-to-gym routine that I had became accustomed to.

Now that University has ended for Summer break, I can begin to focus on fitness again. Since finishing; I’ve been to the gym twice, done a 3k Fun Run, a PT session and this evening I went to Core Gym for a 50/50 Class with a good friend of mine. It is progress.

I like Core. Like The Compound Room, Core has a very family vibe to it. Each time I have been I’ve always been welcomed to friendly faces and such encouragement. This is my third visit.

Like most exercise classes, it is all about what you put into it. You don’t feel the pain, if you don’t try hard. I feel like I didn’t give my all to it. The class was great, it is very similar to circuits only one half of it has spin element to it and the trainers were very approachable and helpful.

Despite not feeling  like I tried my best, my legs still hurt (in such a good way) and I feel a lot happier. For now I  just think I am still trying to get used to being back into training, development will come, I know it will.

Friday has hopes for a Metafit Class at Core and Saturday’s schedule is a 5k Park Run – actually taking place on a beach. Someone please encourage those!

Compulsory “I worked out” selfie at Core! 

Classes at Core are available 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) and are priced at £4 per class.



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