Personal Training at The Compound Room

On Thursday, my day consisted of travelling South to Lisburn in Northern Ireland for a  personal training session with Edel from The Compound Room; a wonderful warehouse type place that recently underwent an expansion.

The gym is owned by Edel and James; two fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The gym is like a lot of gyms I have been to in this part of the country, its like a family. It is an environment that is more needed on the North Coast.

Edel is an Architect turn Head Coach at The Compound Room. Here is what my session consisted of:

I was greeted by James who first got me to work on the rowing machine for five minutes as a warm up. James was friendly and chatted away to me about my fitness journey, which has been lacking lately. Then Edel took over…

“Okay, so what do you want out of this session?”

My personal training was for a specific purpose today: “I want to learn how to SQUAT!”

As I’ve previously mentioned my form for, well, most things is a disaster waiting to happen. Despite multiple times in PureGym trying to work on my form with my all things fitness boyfriend, exercise classes and even a Personal Trainer locally I’ve never felt confident in going away and squatting perfectly.


After doing our stretches. I done five squats whilst Edel observed. She then mentioned “your squat isn’t bad, you can actually go deeper than a lot of others”, which was positive. She corrected me where I was going wrong and provided me with some tips, very useful to those in a similar (not squatting) position:

  • Find a spot on the wall and keep your eyes focused on that when you squat.
  • Breathing: Breathe in before you go down, breathe out when you come up. This will give you the power you need to get up.
  • If squatting with a bar, position it to where suits you on your shoulders. There isn’t really a guideline for this.

During the session we tried multiple squats. Ones using hoops, almost like TRX which helps with balancing. Sissy Squats which helps improve on your form and are actually quite hard, weighted squats with a bar and the common drop into a squat.

I really loved Edel’s way of training. Throughout she motivated me by telling me when I had got it right and was able to see my limits yet encouraged me to go further. If I lived closer to the gym I’d go more often for Personal Training.

Even still I don’t think this will be the only time I will get Personal Training with Edel!


Note: A membership for The Compound Room is required to get personal training. Sessions cost £20 per 45minutes or £25 for one hour.

At the end of my session I did a cool down on the treadmill for five minutes, was left with very sore, but rewarding leg muscles for the next four days and a lot more confidence in my squatting.

The Boy posted a photo of us outside. It’s a terrible photo.

To see more about The Compound Room visit them on Instagram or Facebook.





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