Hello World! We need a Chit-Chat

Hello World…

I’ve been trying to write this post for some time now; I have no idea whats been stopping me. Maybe, I couldn’t quite gather my thoughts. Not that my thoughts are much more gathered now.

Do you ever visit a place and just think “wow, I cannot believe I am bloody here”, and that is it, that is all you feel? I never planned on travelling much – I guess I never really thought a great deal about it. There was also the fact that after my failed attempt of living away from home I never believed I could venture far.

Then I went to quite a questionable city in November 2014; Bratislava in Slovakia and this “travel bug” that so many talk about started to infect embrace me. However, it was not until I stepped foot outside of the EU that things really changed.

I remember walking across a graffiti strung bridge, the sun bouncing off the river below, skyscrapers ahead and saying to my sister, “Oh, my, God, we are in New York, Abbi we are in New York?” This phrase was on repeat for the next 5 days; on the sixth day it changed to “do we have to go home?” I’d tasted international travelling and I was loving it.

Now, it’s been over a year since this trip. I sobbed at the one year ago Timehop reminders for a week, until I began to reflect on all the trips that has happened since. I’ve since done my second UK Mini tour featuring London, Sheffield and Nottingham, I’ve been to Porto and Lisbon which featured my first lone international flight back home. I have been on a trip away to Amsterdam with my significant other and it is exactly 51 days before my mum and I jet off to Copenhagen via Malmo and Stockholm.

My last trip was to Amsterdam in the Netherlands for four days in February. February as in three months ago. There is something incredibly wrong about that. There is something wrong that my purple carry on case isn’t within a arm’s reach. There is something wrong at the fact the last time my passport was used, was to buy a bottle of wine that I didn’t even like.

Life isn’t for living in one place.

I guess what I am trying to say is. Hello World… I want to get to know you.






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