A Journey to BFIT 

You may have read my earlier (earlier) post about the time I was making definitive lifestyle for myself. Well a lot has changed since then. 

I returned to university in September. My last experience at university was far from happy which initially made me throw myself into recovery mode. I lost nearly three stone in weight but gain a whole new outlook on life.

I’m a second year media arts student. On the good days I love the way it challenges me mentally but I miss the challenges I used to set myself with fitness. 

There was a stage in life where I was at the gym consistently 3-5 times a week and walked about with boxes of “meal prep”. Yet since returning to University I’ve been completely exhausted and found it hard to balance exercise and essays. So I choose academics and minimal workouts.Because of this it has took away a lot of happiness.

Uni is now finished for the year. I’m making a comeback to fitness. Here’s where it begins (or continues):-

Now I’ve been to the gym with many of people, got many different workouts, been to numerous classes (boxercise, yogafit, circuits) and even had a PT  at one stage but nothing (and I mean nothing) prepared me for the session I had on Saturday morning. 

After finding them on Facebook the boy and I decided to go to a Strength and Conditioning class at BFIT in Belfast. Prior to this I’ve had no idea what this class was. 

Now I always get called out on in classes. Its something that began back in 2008 when I took physical education at school and the teacher called me out to tell me I wasn’t doing it right. Yet wouldn’t properly work with me so I could improve. 

This is something that used to put me off from going to classes but throughout this journey I’ve realised that everyone starts somewhere. 

BFIT was a whole new level of being called on. I can’t squat, I don’t “do” weights. I was a runner. A cross trainer. The occasional planker. That’s all. So my form for this type of workout was and is tragic. 

Even after one to one PT sessions and gym sessions with the boy using different techniques I’ve never felt confident in my own abilities. That was until I got into the rigs at this class…

Whilst setting the other people the workouts, the trainer pretty much personalised the session to suit my abilities. Instead of doing squats in the rigs I did goblet squats and he helped me consistently throughout with my form for oracles and deadlifts. (Which I’ve never done before in my life!) 

The trainer even stayed with me to ask me why I couldn’t do it and got blocks of wood to raise the bar from the ground in order to help. 

Yes. I was slightly embarrassed at the fact the rest of the class knew what they were doing but like I said everyone of them had to have started somewhere. They may be further on in there journies and I’m just beginning but that’s okay.

“You’ll get there”.  Another reason why I didn’t feel so embarrassed was because everyone there seemed like a little family and some of the girls supported me. 

I felt like I basically got my own personal trainer for an hour.

I’ve paid £20 per hour for a personal trainer that gave up on me. If I’d known that this class was there for £5 with this level of training I wouldn’t have bothered with a personal trainer. 

// joinbfit.com


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