Student, Job, Travel: Getting the best of three worlds

As I begin my second semester of my second year at University, I find myself questioning; Is it possible to be more than just a full-time student? In first year of my degree I studied at a university in the West Midlands before transferring my studies back at home, and then, all I was, was a full-time student who very rarely socialised.

After taking a year out from education, I found a love for travel, for adventure and simply the smell of a leather passport cover as it scans through border control waypoints. Yet now, back at University, I find myself not wanting to let go completely of that adventure, after all travel has shaped me in so many ways. I couldn’t just be a student for the next two years and not explore; I had to do something about it.

Letting my passport just lie there collecting dust is no life to live.

So I started, or rather restarted my degree back in September; I was on the final leg of a mini-UK tour in Sheffield when I accepted my offer of transfer. Then before I had even signed the transfer forms I’d booked flights to Portugal in October. During term time.

It was clear that I wasn’t for giving up travel just because I am now a full time student. The way I see it, travel is more of an education than any university could offer me. You will learn more from the world by taking that flight and eating that Garlic Soup in Bread in Bratislava than referencing the recipe in an essay.

The decision to continue travel has not been as easy as I’d hoped. Before and whilst at uni I work part-time. So nowadays my travel isn’t as easy as booking off a few days off from work, it means timing it around my studies too. If the timetable permits it, I have options to either travel for a long weekend (Fri-Mon) and out of term times (Christmas/Easter/Summer holidays.)

Problem is. My timetable has me in 5 days a week.

I’m still going to Amsterdam next week.

Trying to discover ways to incorporate a love of travel in with being a student and having a part-time job isn’t easy but its not impossible. It just means spending the rest of your days catching up on the work.

Please note: I am dedicated to my studies. Yet alike many of you, travel is a healing mechanism, a stress reliever, a happy place. Right now that is my priority.

If you need to take time off from your other lives to get that slice of happiness, then I believe its needs must. However as for trying to get the best out of three worlds; ideally not messing work or university around – yet not cutting short your travels, well thats something I’m just beginning to learn.









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