Ooh Snap: Lisbon, Portugal

On a recent trip to the Portuguese capital I found out one important detail: Lisbon is not of its own. A short trip out of the city by the seafront and on the Red Line of a City Sightseeing Hop-On, Hop Off Bus tour you will notice a bridge that spans across the Tejo River. This bridge; known as the Ponte 25 De Abril is just one of the sights that holds a slight similarity to one of the most famous bridges in the world…

Likewise at the other end of this bridge in the municipality of Almada is a statue in Natural Sanctuary of Christ the King (Cristo Rei) which is similar to Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Unfortunately on my visit I just seen the bridge and Cristo Rei from afar. Yet Lisbon does not put inspiration into only it’s sights, but into it’s food too. On my first evening in the city we ate spicy nachos and enchiladas from a Mexican restaurant. Later in our trip we found a traditional Italian Gelato Cafe and numerous other Italian eateries. Maybe it was just us, but we found it quite difficult to find a traditional Portuguese Restaurant. I mean, would it kill you to make me a Sapateira Recheada?

Portugal is notorious* for serving up Seafood. Maybe I wasn’t missing out on much.

*- Notorious because Seafood is gross.

After touring the city’s trams and taking in the breathtaking views form Castelo de Sao Jorge (Lisbon Castle) – which note: offers discount with a valid student ID – we went for dinner from a different culture to the one we were currently in. An Italian place called Pizzaria Lisboa, situated near Baixa-Chiado Metro station. The range and taste of pizzas and appetizers is just incredible, the staff are incredibly friendly and top tip: Order a jug of Red Sangria. Afterwards we found a late night Gelato and Crepe Cafe called Amorino Gelatary, after an Ice Cream stuffed Crepe drizzled in Chocolate and Sugar, your Dessert expectations will extremely increase.

Amorino Gelatary

Note: Lisbon Airport is quite big and a lot like a maze. The signage is limited but after security it isn’t too bad to get to your gate, although definitely one of the most disorganised airports I’ve been too.

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