Ooh Snap: Porto, Portugal

Early October in 2015 brought me over to a quaint European destination called Porto; a city that is located in the North West of Portugal.

Unfortunately I only really touched base with this place and spent less than 48 hours in it, this is because I wanted to visit Lisbon too. The idea of visiting another city in the same trip was for more reasons than one, firstly I’d always wanted to take a domestic flight within a foreign country, secondly it ticked of a new city and a Capital City and finally £14 one-way flight, thank you Ryanair! Plus Lisbon is gorgeous, but more on that later…

Back to Porto and the sole reason I wanted to visit it was because of the Dom Luis I Bridge that spans across the Douro River in the heart of the city. Aside from the idyllic views of the bridges and the river, Porto is one of the most artistic places I have visited since Brooklyn.

Full of Portuguese mosaic titles, street art and craft shops, Porto is one for the creative types. A must see is Porto Campanha Train Station, where the entire place is a canvas on display and a personal favourite Craft/Shop is Maria Porto and Porto In. Porto is also home of Livraria Lello – the bookshop that supposedly inspired JK. Rowling to write the Harry Potter series.

If you are looking for a place to stay, look no further than renting an Air BnB place. If travelling in a group it works out a lot cheaper and means you can actually experience what it is like to live in Porto.  With Air BnB places you usually get a lot more space, are able to cook for yourself and get lovely hosts who can recommend things to see in the city!* Note: Places vary. 










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