Dealing with anxiety: Things you ought to know

Define:- Anxiety (noun): A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

You don’t necessarily have to have a anxiety disorder to experience anxiety at least once in your life. Life can be a nightmare at the worst of times and in that complexity anxious minds can take over; recently I have experienced a few anxious moments. The latest trigger that caused an anxious moment, well let me be honest with you, seems quite stupid. I was in Tesco at the self checkouts carrying a handful of shopping and clumsily dropped a yogurt, and of course Muller Rice doesn’t come in titanium packaging so it went everywhere. Heads turned and immediately I could feel the utter disapproval from the staff. I looked at my boyfriend, then looked at the mess on the floor. I quickly picked up the yogurt, mumbled “oops, I’ll get a new one…”

Now some people could have easily passed that situation as just a clumsy moment, but even hours after I found myself replaying the whole thing – only in the more intense version, the version where everyone starred at me and mumbled ‘clumsy bitch’ under there breaths and the whole scenario was followed up by YouTube video gone viral. Part of me still feels like a complete tw*t for doing it; then a couple of things happened. 1) I began to think logically; I have other things to think about than to worry about a 63p yogurt (that really should not be 63p anyway) 2) I came home spoke to the parentals “Dad, we cannot go back into Tesco, ever, I spilt a Muller Rice, and it went everywhere!”, Dad: ” I spilt double cream everywhere, so thats us both banned.”  Mum: “What was that I spilt in Sainsburys? Pasta sauce. In a glass jar.” And 3) The 2 Litre carton of milk incident a few years back hasn’t really made an impact on me so I won’t let this. 

There isn’t any set rules to overcoming these fears, uncertainties and nerves of life, however these things may be of assistance are things you need to here/see:

  1. An awesome Support System is key –  I’m lucky enough to have quite a big family who are there when I need support and an extremely logical-thinking boyfriend that makes my what seems possible situations impossible. Even if you don’t have people there physically, know that support is always there. On my phone there is a folder called “Safety Net” and inside that folder is the most amazing apps to help me: Pacifica, 7 Cups and Companion.
  2. Nobody is in the position to ever tell you that you are wrong for feeling the way you do.  Whatever you are worrying about is personal and can impact you very differently to anyone else.
  3. Exercise helps… a lot!  Just try it.
  4. Food. Because Food.
  5. Anxious moment? Think logically and think about your senses, what can you see, touch, smell and taste and hear.



I’ll leave you with this song…


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