New Year, New Me! (Or whatever).

Every December of every year, I find myself contemplating the past 365 – or so – days. Now, I say “or so”, not because there is that extra day in a leap year, but because, regardless there is not nearly enough days in the year.

Let me explain… Each year, I and albeit most of you make these lists, these ‘resolutions’ of what you want you achieve within this timeframe. Right now as we enter this new year, you may be thinking, what will 2016 hold?

I think. New Year’s Resolutions are a cliche. Why not undergo these changes you so badly wish to make every year in the middle of March, or June or now? As humans, it is only natural to feel like we need to change in someway, sometimes. Be it our styles. Our jobs. Our health. Our attitudes.

“We must realise that change is ongoing…”

Change is not “ooh hey new year, you haven’t met me yet…” because, darling, the new year has met you, it knows your tricks and its prepared. If you are only ready to make a change on a specific date, it is you that isn’t prepared. It is you that needs to question, do you even want to change something?

In saying that, its okay to have a year’s to do list. Just put the goals on a step ladder until you get to where you want to be. Don’t, come January 1st say “time to lose weight” or “time to quit smoking/drinking” and then give up on yourself a week later, or choose goals that don’t push you in the direction you want to go.


Note: “With change comes compromise”

To change we must give up on the things we previously did. We must replace something old with something new. August, 2014,  I made the decision to go through a Fitness journey and try to stick at it. This meant replacing my free time in front of the TV with a pizza and – several – bags of crisps with being at the Gym, working my tail off to change.

I wasn’t searching to change anything more than the inches around my hips. Yet with fitness comes a great deal of mental strength. And my happiness meant more than reruns of Friends and cheesy Doritos.

Last year I made a list for 2015 that I used as building blocks, which would help me become a stronger, more confident person. My list was somewhat simple and precise:

Be a size 10, run-not-jog a 3k, finish a 5k, Uni: Take 2 – be strong, be happy! Visit Scotland and take more photos. 

As you can see the list was small, however, additionally each year (since 2014) I aim to beat my travel statistics too. Y’know, Plane journeys taken, new cities and airports visited and types of aircraft been on.

My 2015 list wasn’t simple – and that is Okay, if it doesn’t challenge you it will not change you! Yes from the outside losing weight, taking a mere one hour flight and returning to uni may look ‘A-Okay’ but it was hard. Each took courage and strength… and being a specific size was just a silly goal!

Let me tell you why: 

Yes in 2015 I lost a lot of weight and was able to fit into a size 10 outfit in New Look, fit into a size 10 dress from Miss Selfridge and just about squeeze my arse into a size 10 pair of Jeans from Laura Ashley (at one stage), but it appears I am a Hollister 9R in jeans (UK Size 12), a size 16 in H&M Jeans (hence why I don’t own a pair – sizest cows!), a size 14 in Primark Jeans and a size 14 in tops from George and don’t even get me started on anything Topshop!

No matter where I shop, my sizes seem to vary. So this goal seemed to be more difficult than losing weight itself. However losing weight and maintaining my goal weight/shape will be forever ongoing.

  • The other goals like run a 3k and finish a 5k (race) where a lot more achievable. I ran over 4k at the gym a few times and was so so proud! I ended up doing three 5k races too (CRUK Race for Life, Color Run and Run in the Dark!) – This year I aim for five and to beat my time for Race for Life.
  • Uni: Take 2 – well I am now a full time Media Arts student at Ulster University. So I guess I can cross that off  (as soon as I finish the next year and a half!) The future future plans are to get a placement.
  • Be Strong. Be Happy. Will always be ongoing.
  • Visit Scotland? Lets see shall we? Travel. Again. I will not stop until I’ve seen all that I want to see!
  • Take more photos? Please check Instagram for verification! Obvs, as an insta-a-holic, this “goal” will be continued. I actually got a new DSLR last year so more to follow!

You have 365 – or so – days. So make them count.  Heres an idea: 

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 00.56.49





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