Ayr in a Day Trip

Early August; Him and I saw the sights of the biggest city in Scotland for a couple of hours through the means of a Stena Line Day Ticket. Early September brought us back on that same boat to Cairnryan, and onwards to a new place, Ayr!

The year is feeling like it’s quickly coming to a close. Being with Him is making my Year’s To Do List more achievable. “I have next Tuesday off work if you wanted to do the Ayr trip then?” I said half-heartedly. The next morning I woke up with a screenshot of our booking confirmation.

I’m the type to have an idea of a trip and then think about it for ages. He gets an idea and literally acts on it. He makes travelling easier for me.

The night before’s accommodation had me staying out in Dunmurry at Beechlawn House Hotel. When booked so last minute it was a little expensive. The bedrooms were far from modern and were covered in old decor. In the corner it had a boxed TV that required an aerial and the bathroom wasn’t up to much, so I wasn’t really impressed. However, I’ve stayed in worse Travel Lodge’s so I survived.  On the plus the staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating, it was clean and situated outside of the city so sleep came easy!

Another early start and I actually questioned why I had decided to part take in this “crack of dawn” shenanigans for the second time. Then I opened the bedroom door and I found my reason. “You look beautiful.” He smiled.

Like as before we took the motorway drive down to the docks and boarded the boat by sunrise. And like before we ordered the same breakfast and crashed out on the sofa’s in Stena Plus. I woke up just minutes later and poked at Him, “I’m away to go explore. You wanna come?”

We took a stroll outside and watched as the boat approached Scotland. Seeing the morning mist hit new lands and the waves crash up against the boat was a blissful moment. Off the boat and onto the coach bound for Ayr.

The bus was a shorter distance than it was to Glasgow. It took just over an hour. Meaning we had more time to spend there. We passed through a village-like town and suddenly the bus came to a halt outside a corner shop. Immediately, it reminded me of Brighton. It was very seaside orientated with its ever so quaint railway station, corner shops and elderly people or families walking about. I loved it.

Yet another unplanned trip. We walked about through the Kyle Shopping Centre – lovely outside area, besides having a New Look there’s not much to write home about.

One big thing I adored about Ayr was it’s old wooden bridges and Oxford-like cobbled streets. We crossed a couple of the bridges and took a stroll along the River Ayr before heading out to see the Town’s football team, Ayr United. Not as a big of deal as Rangers but it was interesting to see such an old and small stadium.

The main shopping street had a large selection of stores and had little streets that led off into more cobble stones and independent to chain retailers.  I loved it. It was small, yet such a pretty landscape. During the day we also stumbled upon a Craft Club/Shop and drew on a chalkboard. I later found out that Ayr is known as ‘Craft Town’.

There’s plenty of places to eat, plenty to see. Since its not nearly as big as Glasgow, it makes it perfect for a Day Trip!

Once planned Ayr can be more than just a Football team, food and shops. It has a beach too!


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