Leafy Green Parks in the midst of Concrete Jungle

When I was in New York City…I discovered little slices of heaven in the – what can be a chaotic – City. New York is known for being “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and for dreams to be made, you sometimes need to take a step back and view the city from a peaceful standpoint. Here are my favourite parks:

This park was located close to where I stayed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its quite a small place in Greenpoint; in the middle of it is a very American Baseball pitch and a running track. During my visit the park was glorious; it was Mid-April and was sprung into Spring with rich Blossom Trees. It’s Hipster atmosphere and close proximity to the appropriately Brooklyn-styled Five Leaves cafe makes it perfect for a mid-morning stroll before Brunch.


Nearest Subway Station: Bedford Av [L], nearest sightseeing: not so much sightseeing but this part of Brooklyn is so beautiful and a lot less run down as one would think. McCarren Park has a very ‘stereotypical’ American family feel to it and is located close to some individual stores. I highly recommend Five Leaves for breakfast/brunch as the food is just yummy  – they served Hash Browns!! – and good value!

  • Battery Park (for Ellis & Liberty Island Ferry Terminal) 

Firstly, it took me a while to figure out where Ellis Island Ferry Terminal was. It is not in the same place as Staten Island Ferry Terminal, but eventually, to the right of Staten Island Terminal a short walk through Battery Park will take you there.

Battery Park, what can I say, its majestic beauty was clouded in light floral print and shadowed trees that made it too pretty for me to hate. The New York skyline surrounds this little piece of land and it makes it all the more stunning. When I was there in April, there was construction community work, so it is developing land. Taking a seat on one of the benches with tall skyscrapers shadowing above whilst overlooking the Hudson River is a view I never imagine I’d ever see. It’s a small place, that – to me – reflected the events of the 9/11 because The Freedom Tower is right above. Nevertheless it is a gorgeous place offering peace and reflection; its home to The Sphere and newly renovated Waterfront Promenade makes it a definite New York ‘must see’, even if you haven’t plans to go to Ellis and Liberty Island!

11127457_10155477793105287_2710785725079416959_n 11139369_10155477793920287_6527603827926522410_n FRee11161346_10155477793095287_936586296485682560_n

Nearest Subway Station: Whitehall St [N, R], nearby sightseeing: Financial District, Staten Island Ferry, The Charging Bull (pretty iconic bronze statue), 9/11 Memorial Site and Freedom Tower.

It would be completely insane for you to visit New York and not visit or at least touch base with Central Park. It is – hands down – the most inexplicable park – place even – I have ever been too. The park’s vast scale – 3.41 square kilometres to be exact – makes it impossible to see in just a couple of hours. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, The Reservoir South Gate House, Trump Ice Rink, The Zoo (yes, it has a fecking zoo), Pinebank Arch, The Loeb Boathouse, Umpire Rock and Ramble Stone Arch are all Home to Central Park.

If you are a runner or on a bicycle just be sure to stick to the road signs and traffic lights, likewise if you are a pedestrian, only cross when the little green man is shown (yes, Central Park is so posh massive that it needs it’s own road signs for people!) It’s just so beautiful I wanted to live there…

I wonder how much a maisonette – or a cupboard – on Park Avenue would cost?

I visited Central Park twice during my visit; the entrance by The Guggenheim is probably the most beautiful, its only a short walk to the most breathtaking view – The Reservoir – so maybe plan to see both in the one day.

If you’re a movie – in particular romantic comedy – buff, Central Park is a place that will feel quite a familiar territory to you because you’ve probably seen it in a movie or two; Sex and The City, When Harry Met Sally, Friends with Benefits, Maid in Manhattan, Home Alone/2, Elf and Serendipity to name a few.

Regrettably I underestimated it’s actual size – I mean it does have it’s own Castle – and how stunning it actually was so I only covered a small part of it. Although what I did see is enough for me to say ‘I want to go back to New York just to see it again.’ You really need to spend at least 3/4 of the day – your life – in this place!

Bridge absCENTRAL

If I Was To Do It Again Day Plan:- 

Pack an ‘All American’ Picnic and head straight to 5 Av/59th Street Station, see “The Big Apple” aka, The Apple Store and The Plaza Hotel, from there spend a couple of hours walking around Central Park, see The Pond, Thomas Moore Statue, The Zoo, The Alice in Wonderland Statue and take lots of photographs. Get an ice cream from the several stalls located in Central Park. Visit the Guggenheim and buy a piece of artwork on the stalls outside.


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