The “I really want to hit someone but that’s not socially acceptable so I can’t” Workout Playlist!

When I workout. I like to be agitated, frustrated and pissed off so I think of every thing that pisses me off. It means I can go into the gym with that anger and I will workout stronger. I run faster and longer when – hypothetically speaking – that guy doesn’t text me back, or when I had a bad day at work or even when I mess up in a social situation; I am the type of person who has ‘a lot on my mind but very little in my voice’, writing is my way of telling people whats on my mind.

Being social is like a foreign language to me; I’ve only recently became more outgoing; so its common for my poor social skills to play a lead role in being pissed off. However for me to workout I need powerful, thought provoking music to trigger those emotions or just songs I can think about.

My favourite songs to workout when pissed off are:

  1. Amber Run – 5AM
  2. Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
  3. Avicii – The Nights
  4. Katy Tiz – Whistle 
  5. Blogilates – BodyPop 
  6. The Veronicas – You Ruin Me
  7. Elissa Franceschi – Salt
  8. Jessie J – Masterpiece
  9. You Me At Six – Stay With Me
  10. You Me At Six – Always Attract
  11. All Time Low – Kids in the Dark
  12. All Time Low – Weightless
  13. Sia – Big Girls Cry
  14. Allison Iraheta – Scars (this one is best for the end of a warm-up)


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