The Big Apple and Future Travel Plans

In exactly two days I will be on an A330 bound for New York City with Abbi from Life In A Rucksack! I was only aware of the location a few weeks ago, months prior to knowing, it was a ‘mystery location’ and a surprise for my 21st Birthday. I had to open clues four weeks exactly until our departure, unfortunately for Abbi I got more from the first clue than intended…


From the above clue I linked the clover with both Dublin Airport and Aer Lingus. I further then thought about the fact its a new country and where Aer Lingus flies to. The next clue told me it was outside of the EU, Aer Lingus’ only flights outside of the EU are to Australasia, Middle East and North America. I figured the Middle East and Australasia would be too expensive and I haven’t really expressed any interest in them, plus my obsession with The States made it stupid for Abbi not to choose America.

And even sillier not to choose the on place that I’ve dreamt of going to since I was a child.

New York City.

Abbi wanted to surprise me at the Airport but since I had a hunch that it was New York, I wanted to plan things. Flights and accommodation are booked and we began planning our trip last night. Typically with an hour of planning Abbi had wrote down about ten different food places – she’s such a foodie – whereas I was thinking of things like 9/11 Memorial, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge!

With my suitcase half packed – its only just been emptied from my escapade in Scotland (which was three weeks ago) – and a list of things to accomplish beforehand – I can’t help but feel reflective. The year group I abandoned back in Coventry are all just back from an assignment visit to New York, it was one of the reasons I applied to Coventry University.Their hands gripped in Canon DSLRs and Tripods made me think, did I make the right choice in leaving.

When I left Coventry, I left the idea of ever going to New York behind too, I never thought I’d ever get the opportunity to go. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t go it alone. Now, throughout this past year it has become apparent that there definitely is ‘different paths to the same location.’

And you know what?

I prefer to be going to The Big Apple as who I am now, a healthier, stronger person. Rather than who I was a year ago and what being there, dealing with an array of issues, was turning me into.

2 Days and Counting!

After I recover financially from my transatlantic trip (I expect New York to be super expensive and that I will come back with all the ‘tat’ of the day just because it says New York on it, or someone with an American accent sold me it!) I have plans to make trips to the following:

  • Larnaca, Cyprus or somewhere in Greece (for my other Sister’s birthday)
  • Glasgow (why not?) Lockerbie (to pay my respects for Pan Am flight 103) and Barra (its the only runway in the world where planes take-off and land on the beach!)
  • Durdle Door, Dorset (It’s UK Paradise) and Bristol (The Clifton Suspension Bridge – I like my bridges)

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