So You’re In Scotland? Lets Visit North Queensferry

I have a fascination with Bridges. Every place I go to I like to see and cross bridges. So when I planned a trip to Edinburgh, I located the nearest and dearest bridges. The most famous being Forth Rail and Road bridges, that connects the Capital in Lothian to Fife.

North Queensferry (NQ) is a small village in Fife and was the nearest station I could go to, to not only experience a a new county but to gain an up close and personal view of the two bridges. Through the use of ScotRail experiencing the stunning trip across Forth Railway Bridge and being able to catch a view of Forth Road Bridge simultaneously couldn’t have been easier. From Edinburgh Waverley, I bought an off-peak return ticket for around £6, the ticketing officer told me which platform to go to and even the minutes past the hour that the returning train would depart at.

The next train was leaving in the next few minutes but because I was munching down a Falafel wrap when I was suppose to be running for a train – that and I am such a slow tit, who gets distracted easily – I missed it. So I waited on the platform for about fifteen minutes. I felt okay about waiting because Waverley is actually a very open and beautiful station.


Dalmeny in Queensferry (South) – the stop before you cross the rail bridge from Edinburgh – is another great place to see the bridges, however from looking at the maps I quite liked the idea of physically crossing Forth Rail Bridge. I seen it as a challenge in testing my independence as it got me away from the semi-familiar sights of Edinburgh.

The bridges are very easy to get to from the station at NQ, as soon as you turn right at the station exit, the view of the two bridges towering over the village slaps you – pleasantly – in the face. It is a view not to be missed. A steep and curved hill down will get you down to the heart of the village and right by the sea.


Notes I wrote whilst there:

There are places in this world that make you fear nothing and cherish life to the extreme. N. Queensferry is one of those places. It dates back to 1879 when the Railway suspension bridge was being built. It is currently known for the iconic views of both Forth Rail & Road Bridges and the currently under construction Forth Replacement Crossing. I knew this place would be small, however there are actual locals who live hear and the sounds of the traffic from the bridges above makes it feel a lot less isolated.

This place would be stunning in a warm summer day or even in the evening. Right now it is baltic.

FAQ about NQ

Where to have a cup of tea or a bite to eat in NQ? Whilst there I went into Albert Hotel and got a cup of tea and a slice of Fudge Cake for £2.95 and had just the best experience. The man is so lovely and hospitable and although despite being sat in the bar area I just loved the downtime. There is also a few other cafes that took my interest – that unfortunately weren’t open during my visit – The Wee Restaurant and Rankin’s Deli.

Besides see ‘some bridges’ What else can you do in NQ? Forth Bridges are not just some bridges, however if bridges aren’t your thing… this place is very much outdoors-seaside themed, NQ has a scenic coastal walk that leads you under Forth Rail Bridge and up into the hillside, it has the world’s smallest, still working light tower, just right of the Village – nearest Forth Road Bridge there is a small pathway that leads you to a tiny park with swings I found fun (preferably one for the kids though) and Scotland’s National Aquarium Deep Sea World – with the opportunity to Shark Dive – is situated here.

You can also get a Sightseeing Boat Tour from Queensferry (south) which takes you around the bridges.

Whats the weather like in NQ?

Bring a coat and an umbrella and maybe rope to tie yourself down? The day I went (Monday March 9th) it was very windy, it started to lightly rain when I was leaving. But expect it to be quite stormy being so close to the sea. Although a small village, if you are going to want to venture out further than I did suitable footwear is also recommended.

Whats the rail journey like/how long does it take? If you’re into Aviation you’ll love this journey, the trainline crosses at the end of Edinburgh Airport’s Runway and is in a close distance to the taxiways and airfields. The view across Forth Rail Bridge would literally take your breath away. It only takes about twenty minutes from Edinburgh to North Queensferry and the only stops before are at Haymarket and Dalmeny (South Queensferry).

P1030638 P1030674

I found the village had a spectacular charm about it and I couldn’t help but feel completely at peace and secure.

The locals are so friendly, I almost felt at home here.


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