Smashing Goals: 21Things before 21Years

In March, I was away, travelling. In six days I visited six places, all around the UK. Which is not to far for me to venture but it was a big step for me. Yes, I lived away in Coventry for over nine months but other than travelling home in Northern Ireland or down to London, I didn’t really move far.

Previously I wrote a post about wanting to do 21Things before 21Years. A list of things, some on my bucket list, others just felt like a priority for me to do then and there. Here are the outcomes:

  • Visit Scotland and do a full independent trip

Edinburgh Castle20150309_153543North Queensferry, just North-West of Edinburgh

  • Get on Megabus Gold


  • Get Top Ear Pierced

Displaying IMG_20150406_025834.jpg

  • Change my name on a Starbucks Cup


  • Try a Margarita


  • Revisit Coventry and Find Healing – I revisited it and found I never really needed healing. I just needed time to breathe and to know that I was in control. When I was living in Coventry, I didn’t feel like I was in control of anything. It still scares me to know it will always be a part of my life but to get over that is to face it.
  • Write more about your Travels (see posts on Edinburgh and North Queensferry, more to follow!)
  • Fit into Hollister Jeans, size 9R (UK Size 12)


  • Buy expensive/designer shoes – £85 Nikes totally count!


  • Take a picture at Chrisp Street Market, East London with a packet of Crisps


  • Fly into a new Airport (Edinburgh)


  • Try a new food – Tried a Falafel wrap from Pret.
  • Visit Brighton


  • Pin a note on a tree
I left a note with a 'quote' in it to help someone else find healing...
I left a note with a ‘quote’ in it to help someone else find healing in Coventry, because last year sucked.
  • Take a Selfie with a randomer


  • Starjump randomly in the middle of the street (done in Brighton)
  • Write ’21’ in the Pavement whilst doing a Plank

Displaying IMG_20150312_234632.jpg

  • Pay it forward or be kind to a stranger – I bought a homeless man a Sandwich, Cake and Water in Brighton.
  • Tell us something new – I love planes so much because in a way they scare me, they are so technically advanced, I just can’t get my head around it, and that frustrates me a little, the more I learn about them the more in control I feel when I fly.
  • 21 Good Things About Life (at the time I had a list full, all ranged from being able to visit Coventry again, to becoming more sociable and Lola my rabbit and getting into Fitness.)
  • Make New Goals – So Far: Visit two new airports, run 5k, make more friends, Grow in Faith and be happier,  get my hair dip dyed.

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