Experiencing Megabus Gold

Route: S20 | Megabus Gold

Edinburgh Bus Station to London Victoria (Direct) 

Date of Travel: 9 March 2015

Time of Departure: 22.50

Price paid for single ticket: £30GBP (booked less than one week in advance)

Initially I was a little anxious for taking this trip because I have never done anything remotely independent as this before. It was the longest bus journey I’ve ever took. After arriving at the bus station earlier than need be – I figured it would be nice to chill and write for a bit, but this old man was being nosy and reading what I was writing –  I went over for dinner at Ibis Styles by Saint Andrew’s Sq. A short walk away, it was a perfect hideout from the wind and rain to eat food and charge my phone.

I returned to the station, suitcase clad and rocking the windswept look an hour before my departure. Edinburgh Bus Station is fairly small and there wasn’t too many people around at this time of night. Note: Bus Station has a Phone Charger point (£1), the information desks close around 7pm and toilets (30p – but clean and friendly security staff kept my suitcase for me). Since there was a number of long-haul journeys setting off around this time of night, there was more travelers about, so I felt safer and less like a vulnerable tourist.

The Bus pulled up at the gate in its Purple and Gold Glory ‘S20 London Victoria’ and suddenly I was excited. I get to sleep! I queued up early because beds are based on first come, first served, you will get a bed, you just may be paired with a randomer in a double bed (bottom left hand side) if all the single beds (right hand side) are taken. I  handed my confirmation email to the bus driver, set my 20kg suitcase to the side to be put in hold, he ticked me off a list and said “grab yourself a muffin and bottle of water”. I went upstairs where another man said “Single traveler or with someone?” “Single” I replied. “Bottom, right hand side at the end.”

Immediately I thought, tight squeeze, the above bunk didn’t leave much room for me. The beds are comfy, they are just small leather mattresses covered in sheets and there is a throw and a small pillow. I read up about this journey prior to going and knew to bring my own cushion and made sure I had a hoodie on incase it was cold. I placed my bag at the bottom of my feet on the inside, there is also a small space on the ground for shoes / my glasses / water.

The Cons

  • The bus took a little long to heat up
  • The WiFi didn’t work at all for me – worked for some others
  • Toilet onboard is small, don’t expect much for that one.
  • I had loud fellow passengers who kept shining their phone lights. Bring earplugs, bring an eye mask.
  • There is one socket to charge your phone, however no ledge or anything to set said phone down.
  • If you can’t sleep on moving buses, this will annoy you.

The Pros:

  • The Atmosphere on the bus is weirdly charming, probably because I grew up travelling like this with my Dad as he drove through the UK as a lorry driver.
  • Being able to fully lye down and rest comfy whilst on route to your destination is a guarantee, the beds are no Premiere Inn but they are cosy, just wear comfy, warm clothes and you’re all set!
  • The drivers are lovely and very helpful.
  • You get wakened about fifteen minutes before arriving into London Victoria; allowing you to get your belongings organised/go to the toilet/change from PJs?
  • You are ‘Killing Two Birds With One Stone’ for half the price. Its accommodation for the night and its travel to your next destination. So last minute, A plane from Scotland – London was around £42 or a train for £110 or a standard coach was slightly cheaper but it would take far longer!



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