21Things Before 21Years

It is all-too-quickly approaching my 21st birthday. As in, in five days I will be legal to drink alcohol in the U.S.A, Oman, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – and some other big named countries. However instead of being saddened by the fact that growing up is actually a fact of life and not-so-secretly wishing I was still eighteen, I’ve decided to be productive and actually get on with fulfilling my life.

For years I’ve created these bucket lists and very slowly crossed the smaller things off, like trying Sushi or climbing the Arc De Triomphe, which isn’t as small as one would think. As always, the days leading up to my birthday I always look back on my life and question “have I actually done much with my life?”  Yes, I have several qualifications and skills. I’ve been to six countries, climbed/visited a major landmark of most places and I did have a brief encounter with independence and moved out for 9 months (or so), but is that really all I’ve done?

So, yes, instead of being in denial about how old I am (over 20 years and 11 months) and how I how old I feel (12 should suffice). I have began to create a list of 21 Things to do before I turn 21, which is in less than a week and I need YOUR help of ideas generation! Here is what I have started with, feel free to swap and change!

  1. Visit Scotland & Do an independent trip away (I am heading away in a couple of days!)
  2. Try on a Kilt? (Relates to number 1 or equally try on something Ridiculous)
  3. Change my name on a Starbucks cup (a name suggestion would also help!)
  4. Try a Martini / Margarita (its been on my list for a while now!)
  5. Face Your Fears: Revisit Coventry (I have plans to, but I just don’t feel I have the strength…but as a stranger told me…when will you feel like you have the strength, don’t let fear stop you from living your life!)

YOU GOT THIS! Just realise how far you’ve came in such a short space of time!

6. Write a Novel (This isn’t exactly possible given the timescale, but a Novella could be?)

7. Get my top ear pierced! (Got this done a few weeks ago, its another that was on my list for years!)

8. Fit into Hollister Jeans  (I fit into their 9Rs, down from 11Rs, surprisingly, I prefer jeans from Next as opposed to Hollister but its a branding thing I guess.)

9. Buy expensive, designer shoes! (£85 Nikes count right?)

10. Send a message in a bottle (one of those movie dreams…)

11. Look On Point (Hair, Make-up, Outfit all in line… Look good, feel great!)

12-20: Is Up To You!

21: Make New Goals

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