Winter in Eastern Europe: Vienna, Austria

Eastern Europe is the perfect place to get away from Pre-Christmas chaos at work and into Pre-Christmas Chaos in a foreign country.

I was edgy about going away to Eastern Europe, even for a couple of days. It was the first time I would be going away since coming back from my struggle in Coventry. I lay awake most of the week contemplating whether I was in the right place, mentally, to be leaving home for more than 24 hours.

I had coped – just about – 6-7weeks away from home in the West Midlands. Why was it so hard for me to come to terms with being away for a couple of nights outside of the UK?

On our trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. Abbi and I made a stop over to Vienna in Austria for a day.

Well, it would be rude not to!

We boarded a seemingly touristy train to Austria’s Capital. It took about an hour. Abbi and I joked about how easy Bratislava was to see and do in seven hours and ‘what if’ we loved Vienna more.

We both fell in love with the city once our feet touched the train platform.

The city itself is so modern in comparison to Bratislava. I regretted not planning to spend more time in Vienna. It was just so gorgeous, there is more to see and do and the Christmas Market alone is three times the size of the one in Bratislava.

Tips – Things to see & do

  • If wanting to go on a tour bus, check when they finish for the day before paying €15 for a ticket. We ended up spending too much time at the Christmas Market that we missed the last bus.
  • Vienna is called Wien. It comes up as Wien on train timetables/boards. Just so you know.
  • The toilets are worth paying €0.50 for – they are self cleaning/an attendant cleans them after every use!
  • Go see/go on the iconic Ferris Wheel “Wiener Riensenrad” – also don’t fall for the expensive souvenir photograph…just get one of the attendants at the wheel to take a better photo for free!
  • Have your cake and eat it too: Vienna is known for delicious cakes and treats. Unfortunately, I only got to try a take out national delicacy, which was kind of like a donut with Cream Cheese in it!


1012973_10154939693680287_3980746616184220638_n 1505627_10154939716515287_8883140873413951978_n 10275931_10154939710375287_5105973589643914718_n 10402772_10154939691935287_7495782679063098002_n 10407778_10154939721680287_7513324147108418006_n 10421633_10154939717845287_476042976038443218_n 10443429_10154939691090287_2654890114458942122_n 10447393_10154939667890287_6321410973446501947_n 10489816_10154939724085287_8877303113606652295_n 10698568_10154939703270287_5754067401400103015_n

In the meantime, Vienna maybe ticked off the Bucket List but its very much still on the Future Cards!


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