Winter in Eastern Europe: Bratislava, Slovakia

If someone had told me this time last year – whilst struggling with a Media Degree away from home –  that I’d go to Bratislava in Slovakia for a “wee holiday” I would have laughed in their face and said ‘Where?’

Earlier this year I did pin a photo of the city’s iconic UFO Bridge to my Pinterest Bucket List with a caption ‘I want to go here, just to take a photo of that bridge!’ I’d heard of this place after a friend went on a 40-Day Trip of Europe with TopDeck Travel.

I’d heard of negative things.

However, another traveller I met whilst roaming the University back in Coventry had posted a photo of that bridge on Facebook. It was a stunning photograph, an image so powerful you literally could feel the ice cold air redden your cheeks. It then went on to the list on Pinterest (to be forgotten about) until four months later…

My can’t-sit-still-in-the-one-place-backpacking-travel-blogging-sister, Abbi had just recently got back from travelling South East Asia and was keen on travelling with me since she missed a trip to Paris with my other sister and I in January this year.

– because she was gallivanting, in Australia.

We opted to go for a country that was cheap, cheerful and was yet-to-be-discovered. Our hearts became set on Lisbon, Portugal for sometime however we quickly changed our minds due to the flight times.

In the night we went to decide on a location we went through: Lisbon, Tallinn, Warsaw, Basel, Geneva, Prague and Istanbul. Until eventually Abbi said “what about Bratislava?” I squealed because I suddenly knew I had it on my digital bucket list. “Yes.”

If you want to see an in depth article on my travels in Bratislava, read the post by Abbi on Life in a rucksack.


  • Flights – approx. £80 Return from London Stansted (Ryanair)
  • Accommodation – Approx. £10pppn (NB: city tax free with valid Student I.D and city discounts, Hostel Blues.)
  • Transfers – €0.70 for bus 61 to city centre (can be used for the next 90 minutes and on tram 3 to Hostel Blues.)

Food-To-Try / Places-To-Eat

Lets get this out of the way, I don’t eat meat so it is a little difficult for me when eating out, especially in foreign countries. Bratislava is one of those countries – despite the short trip – that I struggled with my Vegetarianism however national delicacies are:

  • Garlic Soup in Bread – don’t, I repeat, don’t leave this country without trying this, it is Amazing!
  • Goats Cheese – I think I did try a salad with Goats cheese in it. It wasn’t terrible.
  • Pork Sauerkraut – Abbi can testify for this one!
  • Potato Crepe – Found at the Christmas Markets, yummy with Nutella!
  • Bistro St. Germain (around the corner from Hostel Blues) – A lovely place to plan things and chill. The food is nice and they did cater for vegetarians upon request (I asked for a wrap without meat.)
  • Urban House – Their Avocado Bruschetta and cocktails are divine! (AVOID: Their Hot Chocolates unless you literally like melted dark chocolate.)

My Favourite: Things-To-See-And-Do

  • Church of St. Elisabeth (Blue Church)
  • UFO Bridge at day, at night, in the mist, its pretty.
  • Bratislava Castle (offers the best views of the city)
  • Go on the trams – I always enjoy experiencing the different transportation in different places. The trams in Bratislava are quite interesting…just be careful where the lines run when on foot through the city!

Photo Gallery:


10351480_10154939639585287_5733853309474201093_n 10366244_10154939671115287_4517735416229493055_n 10375911_10154939636930287_2296856064849596356_n 10407906_10154939634595287_4278496331877434546_n 10432117_10154939648615287_4502182070253749885_n 10447393_10154939667890287_6321410973446501947_n 10520685_10154939651010287_729189026298067571_n 10647214_10154939632260287_6715309150623186723_n 10806447_10154939675105287_5372719304887875364_n


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